Preposterous Tales.

Preposterous Tales captures an energy charged tour of the globe by two of Britain’s best known and most colourful climbers. Having honed their rock and ice skills on home turf, Neil Gresham and Tim Emmett set out on a crusade which landed them in scrapes in such unlikely destinations as Mongolia, Cuba, Brazil, Quebec and Vietnam. This is an inspiring and uninhibited celebration of climbing at its most diverse.

‘Climbing is often said not to be a sport but a lifestyle. This inventory of inspiration captures the essence of that lifestyle like no book before. Guaranteed to get you psyched to get out and create some of your own preposterous tales.’ — Leo Houlding

‘Over the last decade Neil and Tim’s antics, on and off the rock, have injected a sense of fun into the British climbing scene. Their fresh, energetic tales of daring madness should inspire us all! This will really get the old guard shaking their alpenstocks in disgust!’ — Andy Cave

‘These two guys have an uncanny knack of getting themselves into the most wild and amazing tangles and scrapes. If I hadn’t been there on just a few of the occasions, then I would hardly have believed their stories.’ — Seb Grieve